Thursday, 10 May 2018

iPhone सेलिंग स्कैंडल ! फेसबुक पेज के जरिये ! USA से INDIA तक का पूरा रैकेट ! जानिए पूरा स्कैंडल...

iPhone सेलिंग स्कैंडल ! फेसबुक पेज के जरिये ! USA से INDIA तक का पूरा रैकेट ! जानिए पूरा स्कैंडल... Before a few days ago I have knew that some fraud iPhone phone selling activity using Facebook selling group after that I have decided to represent this fraud scandal in front of Indian people and Indian government. To accomplish this, First of all decided to dig my self in this acivity.

I have decided to take step by step action. First I have request to get number to communicate with this person who has located in USA. He gave me USA contact no which is (+1 (530) 230-2491). Next, I have stared communicated on WhatsApp and Order iPhone 8 Plus 256 GB and He tell me to pay 25000/- with shiping charges. To confirm that I have show in video all the chat snapshort and I tell that give some proof of your Identity and they send me and tell that, He work in Best Buy company( First, He gave 5000 Rs. to start my order and I give how to pay amount and He gave account number of Delhi SBI branch Which is also in video. After that he has sent one website link to track my order ( which is clone or fishing page of origanal air-land website ( than I track my package with traking number (1525757375). I have listed below full description of this traking records and website link. When I saw package status was ON HOLD BY CUSTOM thay tell me that you want to pay more 15000 Rs. to clear from custom and I have also pay on this step than package status was updated with Package On Transit. On next, The package status is (Certificate Of Ownership 15,000 INR Refundable) and At that time this american person give me Indian courier man number (+91 84688-90737) and this number incoming servies has stoped so I have chat with them. Also, this person tell that you want to pay 15000/- last to get your iPhone but I have dont pay. Now I have listed all the proof of this scandal and we want to start march against it because such kind of person in india and overseas country do illegal active and our indian brothers and sisters can wast money. I have research that indian person easly bait of iPhone deals with cheap money. We want to try to present in front of all people. To restrict such offencive active I have email all the scandal to different indian authorities and some person to inculcate this. I have also communicate with facebook developer team to find this group and stop them to do offencive active with indian people because now I think Facebook is Fraudbook. Last but not least, I have send this to Air-Land Transport Service, Inc because thay can use this compnay name as transport services. Person Name on Facebook : Ahmed White Obas ( Facebook Page name : GUJARAT WHOLESALE BAZAR ( Whatsapp Number(USA) : +1 530 230 2491 Whatsapp Number(INDIA) : +91 84688-90737 BANK DETAILS WHICH I HAVE SEND MONEY STATE BANK OF INDIA NAME : MR. CYRUS A/C : 67389333439 IFSC CODE : SBIN0001706 BRANCH : NEW DELHI, JANKPURI Package Traking website: Traking No : 1525757375 Please read and take action against it..

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